@Jaben Jaben released this Aug 15, 2018

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Merge pull request #123 from jorrit/patch-1

Thanks for the PR!

@Jaben Jaben released this Jul 12, 2018

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Hacky way to get a sort of "comment" into the settings file and keep …

…them there. :)

@Jaben Jaben released this Dec 6, 2017

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Added a check for the MessagePath configuration loader which will now…

… soft fail if it cannot load the configuration.

@Jaben Jaben released this Sep 13, 2017

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Merge pull request #76 from ChangemakerStudios/develop

Remove Unnecessary Build Version
Sep 11, 2017
Merge pull request #60 from Tdue21/develop

@Tdue21 this looks fantastic 👍 Thank you for the AppVeyor addition!

@Jaben Jaben released this May 29, 2017

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Border Color Doesn't Change with Theme Changes #54
ConnectionManager check for idle connections is incorrect #52
Papercut.Service.json Options #46

@Jaben Jaben released this Feb 12, 2017

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Removed "Always on disk logging"
Theme Switcher
Improved Option Handling
Minimize to Tray Option