Web dashboard for SmokeDetector.
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metasmoke is a web dashboard for SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam on the Stack Exchange network.


If you're looking to develop using the metasmoke API, there's documentation available in the wiki. You'll need an API key to access any of the routes; ping a metasmoke admin in Charcoal HQ.


While metasmoke isn't targeted to support WSL (it's just not fast enough for production use), it should work adequately well for development purposes. The minimum Windows build version required is 16170, due to an lack of WSL support for mdns in builds prior to this.


There is a simple Dockerfile here which is however not properly tested yet.

To create a local build, simply

docker build -t metasmoke .

To run the image, you need to expose the ports properly.

docker run --rm -it -p5000:5000 -p8080:8080 metasmoke

Once the image runs the initalizations, you should be able to connect to http://localhost:5000/ and see metasmoke greet you.

Some of the options in this brief introduction are optional convenience. If you understand what you are doing, the -t metasmoke is not crucial, and the --rm -it options are just one common way of keeping things sane.


Metasmoke is a pretty niche project, and we don't expect many people to make use of the entire thing as a whole. However, if you want to use the code, go right ahead - metasmoke is licensed under CC0. A small attribution is appreciated, but entirely non-compulsory.