Generate platform resources from within a PCL resx file - designed for use with Xamarin
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ResourceMigrator Interfaceified the Device Handling May 22, 2014

Cross platform way to migrate PCL Resources over to Android and iOS. I built this simply to help me keep all my Resources in one spot while building Xamarin projects.

Put all of your resources in *.resx files in your Portable Class Libraries (PCL's), and run this with your build.

It will automatically generate your *.xml resource file for Android, and a CustomUIColor.cs class for iOS (more iOS support to come).

note: if you start your file name with the type of resource you're generating, it will generate the appropriate resource for Android automatically


bools.resx       // will generate bool resources
dimensions.resx  // will generate dimen resources
integers.resx    // will generate int resources
colors.resx      // will generate color resources
items.resx       // will generate item resources
strings.resx     // will generate string resources
foo-bar.resx     // will ALSO generate string resources


ResourceMigrator.exe /path/to/solution


  • Automatically update csproj file with any newly created files if it's not already in there.
  • Automatically create the appropriate directory if it doesn't exist.
  • Add more iOS support as the need arises.