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Learn more about Wechaty Puppet at https://github.com/Chatie/wechaty-puppet/wiki


The term Puppet in Wechaty is a name that we had picked up to describe part of our system: Puppet is an Abstract Class for implementing plugins, the plugins are the component that helps Wechaty to control the Wechat, that's the reason we call it puppet.

Plugins are named PuppetXXX, like PuppetPuppeteer is using the chrome puppeteer to control the WeChat Web API via a chrome browser, PuppetPadchat is using the WebSocket protocol to connect with a Protocol Server for controlling an iPad program.

For a deeper understanding of the Puppet in Wechaty, you can read its source code if you like at https://github.com/Chatie/wechaty-puppet/blob/master/src/puppet.ts

abstract puppet


All core puppet abstract class


A web solution to connect weChat, Wechaty init implement is by web weChat, which inject js code into chrome.


A mock function to connect weChat, not a real implement, for testing other connectors to connect with Wechaty, in other words: a mock solution to implement puppet. This is used for further to connect other solutions, such as iPad, Xposed, iOs, windows client...


An iPad solution to connect weChat


An iOS solution to connect weChat is on the way.


  1. Using puppet-mock to run ding-dong-bot
WECHATY_PUPPET=mock npm start
  1. Using puppet-padchat to run ding-dong-bot
WECHATY_PUPPET=padchat npm start
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