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Sophia Westwood ( and Brie Bunge (

Stanford ACM Hackathon, January 2014

A WebRTC project that transforms websites into virtual meeting places by letting you video chat while browsing the internet. When you click our bookmarklet in your browser bar, you join a live video chat with others viewing the same webpage -- a chatternet!

Getting Started

This tutorial will walk you through how Chatternets can be used on a website. This is best done with someone else, so that you can chat with them.

  1. Visit the Chatternets homepage
  2. Drag the "Join Chatternet" button to your bookmarks bar. Note: Your browser might not have the bookmarks bar shown, so you will need to reveal it first. For Chrome, this is under "View" > "Always show bookmarks bar". For Firefox, this is under "View" > "Toolbars" > "Bookmarks Toolbar".
  3. Go to a website of your choice (e.g. Khan Academy, XKCD, NYTimes) If you have someone else that you are trying this out with, have them go to the same webpage.
  4. Click the "Join Chatternet" bookmarklet (that you dragged to the bookmarks bar earlier). If you have someone else that you are trying this out with, have them also click the bookmarklet.
  5. When you click the bookmarklet, a prompt will appear asking for video access. Allow this in order to video chat.
  6. You and any other person viewing the same webpage will now be able to video chat with each other! demo

Some Potential Applications

  • Education - chatting with other learners on a Khan Academy video or class website
  • Discussing news articles - find other people who have similar interests while reading news articles
  • Tech support - help each other walk through a confusing webpage