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#yycbike Counter

Collection of scripts and bits and bobs I used to create and the yycbike_count Twitter bot.

The data is collected from the following sources:

The City also makes this data available via their Open Data Portal in two datasets, with some delay:

1. [Counter Locations](
2. [Count Data](

Thank You

Thanks to the City of Calgary and the team working on the project for making this data public. Thanks to those members of the public who pushed for this data to be made available. Awesome to have timely easy access to the data.

Tweet Information

Two tweets are sent out each day:

1 - A total and the top 3 counters of on street counters.
2 - A total and the top 3 counters of pathway counters.

On street counters: 5th St SW, 7th St SW, 8 Ave SW, 9 Ave SE, 10 St NW, 12 Ave Pathway counters: Peace Bridge, Riverwalk, Nose Creek at Bow River, Lindsay Park, N Glennore Park, SE Glenmore Park, Nose Hill, Memorial Drive E of Prince's Island, Memorial Drive at 19th St NW, Memorial Drive at 29th St NW

The total value is best used as a comparison to itself over the course of time.

How does it run?

The script nows runs via GitHub Actions. If you want to run your own, you can use the workflow in the .github folder and note you will need to make 4 secrets corresponding to the Twitter credentials.

Source Data Notes

Environment Canada's data is available as hourly readings (a month's worth), or as daily readings (a year's worth). I use Station 50430 (the Airport)

Hourly Data:
Daily Data:

Eco-Counter has an API and is documented at The data in question is owned by the City of Calgary. The counts are posted once a day normally between 5:00 and 6:00 AM MST, so the counts are not live.

Website API Breakdown:

Individual Data Sets:[ID]?idOrganisme=[CITY]&idPdc=[ID]&fin=DD/MM/YYY&debut=DD/MM/YYYY&interval=[NUMBER]&flowIds=[COMPONENT_ID,COMPONENT_ID,COMPONENT_ID]
Alternative from dedicated pages:[ID]?begin=YYYYMMDD&end=YYYYMMDD&step=[NUMBER]&domain=[CITY]&t=[TOKEN]&withNull=true
Data Set Names for Installation and the Public Page Details:[Installation_ID]?withNull=true

The installation details call provides a valid token that can be used for the individual data sets.

The step number can be 1 (15 minute), 2 (30 minute), 3 (hourly), 4 (daily), 5 (weekly), 6 (monthly) or 7 (annual).

Installation Name ID Start Date
Peace Bridge - Bikes and Peds 100013817 April 24, 2014
Peds Northbound 101013817
Peds Southbound 102013817
Bikes Northbound 103018487
Bikes Southbound 104018487
Stephen Ave 100020207 October 23, 2014
Peds 101020207
Bikes 102020207
Cars 103020207
7th Street 100017181 December 11, 2014
Northbound 101017181
Southbound 102017181
5th Street N Leg 100022540 June 17, 2015
Northbound 102022540 *
Southbound 101022540 *
5th Street N of 9th 100059885 June 1, 2020
Northbound 101059885
Soundbound 101059885
5th Street CPR 100020095 June 18, 2015
Northbound 101020095
Southbound 102020095
5th Street S Leg 100022541 June 16, 2015
Northbound 101022541 *
Southbound 102022541 *
12th Avenue W Leg 100022581 June 16, 2015
Eastbound 101022581
Westbound 102022581
12th Avenue 100022580 June 16, 2015
Eastbound 102022580
Westbound 101022580
12th Avenue E Leg 100022582 June 16, 2015
Eastbound 102022582
Westbound 101022582
8th Avenue W Leg 100024297 July 11, 2015
Eastbound 101024297
Westbound 102024297 Only WB in 2016?
8th Ave W Leg Perm Counter 100031441 May 15, 2016
Bikes Eastbound 102031441
Bikes Westbound 101031441
8th Avenue Centre 100030768 July 9, 2015
Eastbound 101030768
Westbound 102030768
9th Ave 100030452 June 17, 2015 - changed to 100059438
Eastbound 101030452
Westbound 102030452
Riverwalk 100138638 October 15, 2015
Peds Eastbound 102138638
Peds Westbound 101138638
Bikes Eastbound 104138638
Bikes Westbound 103138638
Nose Creek at Bow River 100128045 October 16, 2015
Peds Northbound 102128045
Peds Southbound 101128045
Bikes Northbound 104128045
Bikes Southbound 103128045
Memorial Drive at Prince's Island 100128046 October 16, 2015
Peds Eastbound 102128046
Peds Westbound 101128046
Bikes Eastbound 104128046
Bikes Westbound 103128046
Memorial Drive at 19th St. NW 100128047 October 15, 2015
Peds Eastbound 101128047
Peds Westbound 102128047
Bikes Eastbound 103128047
Bikes Westbound 104128047
Lindsay Park 100128048 October 15, 2015
Peds Northbound 101128048
Peds Southbound 102128048
Bikes Northbound 103128048
Bikes Southbound 104128048
10th St. 100020661 March 22, 2016
Northbound 102020661
Southbound 101020661
S Bow River Pathway S Bow River Pathway March 30, 2016
Peds Eastbound 101030402
Peds Westbound 102030402
Bikes Eastbound 103030402
Bikes Westbound 104030402
Wetlands Trail Counter 100130911 May 5, 2016
Peds Eastbound 101130911
Peds Westbound 102130911
Bikes Eastbound 103130911
Bikes Westbound 104130911
Edmonton Trail Cycle Track 100033550 Sept. 7, 2016
Northbound 102033550
Southbound 101033550
Parkdale Bow River Pathway 100153497 October 13, 2016
Peds Eastbound 101153497
Peds Westbound 102153497
Bikes Eastbound 103153497
Bikes Westbound 104153497
North Glenmore 100134306 October 13, 2016
Peds Eastbound 101134306
Peds Westbound 102134306
Bikes Eastbound 103134306
Bikes Westbound 104134306
South Glenmore 100134304 October 13, 2016
Peds Northbound 101134304
Peds Southbound 102134304
Bikes Northbound 103134304
Bikes Southbound 104134304
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary 100138344 May 19, 2017
Peds Northbound 101138344
Peds Southbound 102138344
Bikes Northbound 103138344
Bikes Southbound 104138344
2015 Totals 100023678 January 1, 2015
12th St. SE near Zoo 100044714 June 12, 2019
Peds Eastbound 101044714
Peds Westbound 102044714
Bikes Eastbound 103044714
Bikes Westbound 104044714

5th Street at CPR: 100127783
8th Ave at 3rd St.: 100030761
12th Ave at 8th St.: 100128055

There were also some other presentation or counters that have been retired in favour of new ones.

Installation Name ID Notes
Stephen Ave 100017165 October 23, 2014
8th Ave 100023674
8th Ave 100024162
Peace Bridge 100018487 Original counter page for only bikes
Stephen Ave 100020243 Original Stephen Ave Page didn't show peds.
9th Ave 100023675 Original portable counter for 9th Ave.
8th Ave 100024406 8th Ave and 3rd St. Changed in late April 2016.
8th Ave Display 100128054
Riverwalk 100128044 Original counter until totem installed.
Nose Hill Park 100134303 October 17, 2016

File Listing

The script that runs the #yycbike_count Twitter feed. Runs once a day. Tweets a summary with the 3 busiest counters, and one with the numbers for each major route. If multiple counters are on a route - choses the midpoint/median.

Archived Files

This project used to also store weather and count data into Graphite. These scripts are no longer updated.


Load the Eco Counter numbers into Graphite


Load Environemnt Canada weather data into Graphite

Metric Naming

15 minute increments: yycbike.installation.direction.trips
Daily counts: yycbike.daily.installation.direction.trips

Weather Data recorded:


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