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Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

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Popular repositories

  1. Karta Public

    Karta - source code assisted fast binary matching plugin for IDA

    Python 591 76

  2. A (hopefully) generic unpacker for packed Android apps.

    Shell 331 84

  3. InviZzzible is a tool for assessment of your virtual environments in an easy and reliable way. It contains the most recent and up to date detection and evasion techniques as well as fixes for them.

    C++ 297 59

  4. Evasions Public

    Evasions encyclopedia gathers methods used by malware to evade detection when run in virtualized environment. Methods are grouped into categories for ease of searching and understanding. Also provi…

    HTML 187 30

  5. Scout Public

    Scout - Instruction based research debugger (a poor man's debugger)

    C 142 18

  6. Extension to Cuckoo Sandbox open source projects, adds support to AWS cloud functionalities and enables running emulation on auto-scaling infrastructure

    JavaScript 116 20


  • smart-console-extensions

    An extension can use JavaScript to interact with SmartConsole. The interactions provide access to information, such as the extension location context, and can perform certain basic operations. For example, navigate to a rule. Interactions can return data asynchronously by matching callbacks.

    TypeScript 17 14 1 1 Updated Sep 26, 2021
  • charts

    Deploy Kubernetes Helm Charts for Check Point CloudGuard

    Smarty 14 MIT 12 0 0 Updated Sep 23, 2021
  • CheckPointAnsibleGAIACollection

    An Ansible collection provides control over a Check Point machine using Check Point's web-services APIs.

    Python 9 11 0 0 Updated Sep 19, 2021
  • SmartMove

    Check Point SmartMove tool enables you to convert 3rd party database with firewall security policy and NAT to Check Point database.

    C# 29 Apache-2.0 19 0 0 Updated Sep 14, 2021
  • Python 3 8 3 0 Updated Sep 14, 2021
  • terraform-provider-checkpoint

    Terraform provider for Check Point

    Go 13 MPL-2.0 16 15 1 Updated Sep 14, 2021
  • CloudGuardIaaS

    Check Point CloudGuard Network Security repository containing solution templates, Terraform templates, tools and scripts for deploying and configuring CloudGuard Network Security products.

    HCL 34 84 1 1 Updated Sep 13, 2021
  • ExportImportPolicyPackage

    Check Point ExportImportPolicyPackage tool enables you to export a policy package from a Management database to a .tar.gz file, which can then be imported into any other Management database. The tool is supported for version R80.10 and above.

    Python 42 Apache-2.0 29 5 0 Updated Sep 13, 2021
  • appliance_tpapi

    Client side utilities for using Check Point Threat Prevention API calls to an appliance.

    Python 1 2 0 0 Updated Aug 18, 2021
  • teapi

    An example of the Threat Prevention API implementation for Java & Python

    Python 2 4 0 0 Updated Aug 10, 2021