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Twisted >= 11.0.0


For using it you need to set some settings in additional file src/

TESTER_KEY -- Your individual tester's key. You can see it on Edit page after adding a task.
CENTER_FOLDER -- Name for your task on the remote server. You can see it on Edit page after adding a task.
REPO_FOLDER -- Local path to task's folder.
CENTER_UCH_PORT -- Local port for transport data (Default: 2323)
PYTHON_3 -- Local path for python 3 interpreter

Also you can set this parameters with command line

usage: [-h] [--center CENTER] [--key KEY] [--folder FOLDER]
                 [--port PORT] [--python3 PYTHON3]

Checkio Task Tester

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --center CENTER    Center folder name for the task (CENTER_FOLDER)
  --key KEY          Your tester key (TESTER_KEY)
  --folder FOLDER    Local path for task folder (REPO_FOLDER)
  --port PORT        Local port for tester (CENTER_UCH_PORT)
  --python3 PYTHON3  Local path for python3 interpreter (PYTHON_3)


cd checkio-task-tester/src