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LegacyBar an ActionBar for Xamarin.Android (Mono for Android)

NOTE: This project was originally made, because there was no official Google backwards compatible ActionBar implementation. Since then one has appeared in the Android Support V7 package, which is now also available for Xamarin.Android. Newest stuff is in the eventmenu branch.

This was originally a port of android-actionbar by Johan Nilson.

LegacyBar is developed by Tomasz Cielecki (@Cheesebaron) and James Montemagno (@JamesMontemagno) and has moved away from the what the port initially was.

It now features:

  • A fully customizeable Action Bar
  • 4 Built in base themes
  • Integrates with current Menus
  • Overflow on API 11+ Devices
  • Dynamic Action Bar Item Count based on screen resolution
  • Importable library
  • Bottom Action Bar (beta)

Sample App

Projects which use LegacyBar


Bottom and Overflow Home Activity Other Activity

For more screenshots look in the Screenshots folder


  • Refactor Bottom Action Bar
  • Implement Base Themes
  • More samples
  • More Docs




Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0