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Meetup Manager

A Cross-Platform app for organizers to help track attendees at events.

Written in C# with (Xamarin) Created in Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio

Open Source Project by (@JamesMontemagno)

Copyright 2014 (Refractored LLC)

Available for free on:

  • Android: Available on Google Play
  • iPhone (Finished! Awaiting oAuth fix from :( Feel free to joing TestFlight Team if you would like to try it out!
  • Windows Phone 8: Available on Windows Phone Marketplace
  • Windows 8 (Soon, feel free to fork and start)

Why did I create this?

As a user group organizer of (Seattle Mobile .NET Developers Group) I found our right away that there was an issue with finding out not only how many people attended the event but also who was there. I thought that there had to be a better way of checking people in at the door and the using this data to do giveaways as well. After realizing that had a great restful API that I could tap into I spent my holiday break between Dec 24th and Dec 30th to create Meetup Manager v1.

How much code is shared?

I have included an "Analysis Project", which will count the shared lines of code. 70%+ of the code is shared between projects. All of the Models, Services, View Models, and tons of helper classes are all found in one single PCL library. The major difference is in both iOS and Android I have some custom views which act as the platform specific code. I am not counting any plugins that handle platform specific code for me since I did not have to write it. You can find a full breakdown of shared code on (Google Drive)

What technology is used?

Everything is written in C# with Xamarin with a base PCL library. This project couldn't have been done without the following:

MvvmCross an amazing MVVM framework built on top of Xamarin to bring databinding, IoC, and much much more to iOS. Some plugins I use are: File, DownloadCache, Binding, Visibility, SQLite-Community (for local data storage).

MvvmCross - Settings Plugin - I wrote this, so you should probably use it for cross platform settings :)

Json.NET - I use both the NuGet in the PCL and component for iOS for facade linking. One of the most wonderful Json libraries that I simply love. It is used to deserialize all information coming from the APIs.

Xamarin.Auth - Allowed me to integrate in oAuth 2.0 from in under 1 hour.

Support v7 AppCompat - Allowing me to have Meetup Manager have a beautiful user interface al the way back to Android 2.1 with a great actionbar!

Discreet Notifications - Bringing toast notifications to iOS

Google Analytics - Allowing me to see what devices and OS versions you guys are using.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0