Version 3 of Chem4Word - A Chemistry Add-In for Microsoft Word
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MikeWilliams-UK Merged PR 141: V3.0.19 Release 6 08-Sep-2018
* Change to using our own InchiKey resolver, ChemSpider is no longer working.
* Change method of opening files for import to improve handling of locked files.
* New (WPF) Settings form.
* Update SQLite to latest.

Related work items: #365
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This project is Version 3 of the Chemistry for Word Add-In

Getting Started

  1. Installation process
  2. Software dependencies Office 2010/2013/2016
  3. Latest releases

Build and Test

Builds, testing and release processes are defined in each of the individual areas. Any required processes will listed here.


Please feel free to contribute to the project. Create your own branch, make your changes then create a Pull Request to initiate a merge into the master branch.