Mersenne prime testing done quickly!
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Mersenne prime testing done quickly!






Run stemprime $number to test whether 2^$number-1 is prime.

Run stemprime --help to view usage and help info

Run stemprime N0 N1 N2 N3 ... to test a series of exponents, in parallel (i.e. stemprime 31 67 127 128 would test 2^31-1, 2^67-1, 2^127-1, and 2^128-1).


Option Takes Function
--info N/A Prints version and name info about the program
-h, --help N/A Prints help and usage information
--authors N/A Prints authors name and email addresses
-v=2 number Sets verbosity level (3 prints all, 0 is only neccesary info)
-d=./ string Where to store and restore from progress files
-nc, --no-checkpoint N/A If enabled, no checkpoint files are used
-t, --time-interval=10000 number Prints each t iterations
number The exponent to perform LL test on M n


Release (downloaded)

Run ./configure && make && make install

Run stemprime --help to view the help info.

An example usage would be like: stemprime 31 to test 2^31-1

Development (source)

You will need autotools, GMP, , and pthreads.

Then, run autoconf -i.

And, finally, install like any other.

i.e. ./configure && make

The binary is ./src/stemprime

Configure Options

Option Description Note
--enable-static Builds a static executable (for distributing) Doesn't always work on macOS
--with-X=XDIR Gives info for finding library X in XDIR See the next section

Non Standard Locations

If you have installed GMP, cargs, or pthreads in a non standard location, you can modify the configure step like so:

./configure --with-gmp=GMPDIR --with-cargs=CARGSDIR ...

GMPDIR should be what you set --prefix while configuring GMP, CARGSDIR should be what you set --prefix to while configuring cargs, etc.

Then, run make like the examples give, and you should be good!