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This is root folder for all parts of AutoSweep. There are several modules like below:

  • AutoSweepMatl
    • FasterRCNN: we use deeplab for detection task at first. Finally, we use instances segmentation.
    • Deeplab: we use deeplab for segementaion task at first. However, we find that this is not suit for instance task.
    • PointSetGeneration:Code for "A Point Set Generation Network for 3D Object Reconstruction from a Single Image".
    • 3D-R2N2:Single/multi view image(s) to voxel reconstruction using a recurrent neural network.
  • AutoSweep
    • FCIS:we modify fcis to be suit for AutoSweep dataset.
    • MaskRCNN:we modify maskrcnn to be suit for AutoSweep dataset.
    • DCN: Code from Deformable Deconvolutional Network.
    • GeonetEnd2End: This is a attempt for connectting FCIS and DCN.
    • OneKeyGeonet: We use this framework based on Matlab, to do experiments and demo.
    • AxisClassifier: The property of curve or straight is estimated by this classifier.
    • CircleReconstruction: C++ version of Profile fitting.
    • AnnatationTool: The annatiation tool for AutoSweep dataset.
  • Unity Part:
    • ObjectSnap: Modeling Part of AutoSweep Project based on Unity.


This is root folder for all parts of AutoSweeo



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