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{% extends "api.html" %}
{% block api_content %}
<p>BossMQ is an abstraction layer for channel-based messaging that can be used to implement real-time notifications (i.e. Comet). With BossMQ, any controller action can function as a long-polling endpoint simply by calling <code>boss_mq:pull/2</code>:</p>
<pre class="code">
receive_chat('GET', []) -&gt;
{ok, Timestamp, Messages} = boss_mq:pull("my-channel", now)
{output, Messages}.
<p>The call to <code>pull/2</code> blocks until a message arrives on "my-channel". Because of Erlang's lightweight process model, you usually don't need to worry if <code>pull/2</code> takes a long time to complete.</p>
<p>To send a message to a channel, you call <code>boss_mq:push/2</code>:</p>
<div class="code">
boss_mq:push("my-channel", &lt;&lt;"Secret Message"&gt;&gt;)
<p>Currently, only an in-memory message queue is supported, so all messaging must occur in the same CB cluster. Additional adapters will be added in the future to support more complex installations.</p>
<h2>boss_mq API</h2>
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{% if function.description_long %}
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{{ function.function }}{% if function.typespec %}{{ function.typespec }}{% endif %}
<p>{{ function.description_long }}</p>
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