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Children of Ur's Dart-based browser client

This repository contains the source code for Children of Ur's Dart-based browser client.

Codeship Status for ChildrenOfUr/coUclient


Children of Ur is based on Tiny Speck's browser-based game, Glitch™. The original game's elements have been released into the public domain. For more information on the original game and its licensing information, visit

License information for other assets used in Children of Ur can be found in


The code is live at

If you want to run it locally or on your own server, you'll need to have an environment with Dart installed. Note that this repository does not currently contain any prebuilt files, so you'll also need a development environment. See Contributing below.


coUclient is based on Dart, so the first thing you'll need to do (if you haven't already) is to install it.

Setting up a development environment

Mac OS X / macOS via homebrew

  1. brew update
  2. brew tap dart-lang/dart
  3. brew install dart --with-content-shell --with-dartium

Windows via chocolatey

  1. choco install dart-sdk -version 1.23.0
  2. choco install dartium -version 1.23.0

Windows via installer

See for links and instructions.

If you'd prefer an IDE

See .

Other platforms and/or manual installation

For instructions on manually installing Dart as well as links to other platforms, see .


Command line

  1. pub get
  2. pub build

Running locally

The client uses the contents of web/server_domain.txt to find the server. If you're running the server locally, it should contain localhost. For the values to use if you want to connect to the dev or live servers, please contact someone on the development team.

  1. pub serve

For best results, we recommend running the client in Dartium.

Note that if you installed dart via homebrew with the --with-dartium flag, Dartium is installed but possibly in a folder where you can't easily find it. Assuming that your homebrew prefix is /usr/local and the version of Dart you have installed is 1.23.0, try looking in /usr/local/Cellar/dart/1.23.0 for a bundle named

General Roadmap

The project is built in Dart, which is then compiled and minified into javascript and can run in most browsers. See our team collaboration site on Trello for the current roadmap.

Project Layout

  • main.dart serves as the main game loop. This class controls all functions within the game.
  • Dart classes and functions are in the lib/src folder.
  • Images, CSS and other web resources are in web/assets.
  • More development documentation is in the doc folder.