Boyer–Moore–Horspool algorithm that works with JS Array & TypedArray
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Boyer–Moore–Horspool Search

An naive implementation of Boyer–Moore–Horspool algorithm that works with Array & TypedArray


npm install git+

Usage example

const Bmh = require('bmhs');  // import this module

// working with TypedArray
    const pattern = Uint32Array.from([0xFFFF, 0x3000]);
    const corpus = Uint32Array.from([0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, 0x3000, 0x1000]);

    // setup `bmh` for later reuse
    const bmh = Bmh.BoyerMooreHorspool(pattern);
    // returns the first index of the exact match in `corpus`; -1 if not found
    const idx = bmh.match(corpus);
    if (idx !== 1)
        throw (new Error('Please file an issue'));

// also working with String
    const pattern = "pattern";
    const corpus = "some pattern !@#$%";

    const bmh = Bmh.BoyerMooreHorspool(pattern);
    const idx = bmh.match(corpus);
    if (idx !== corpus.indexOf(pattern))
        throw (new Error('Please file an issue'));

// you can specify offset!
    const pattern = "123";
    const corpus = "123abc123";
    const corpusOffset = 1;

    const idx = Bmh.BoyerMooreHorspool(pattern).match(corpus, corpusOffset);
    if (idx !== corpus.indexOf(pattern, corpusOffset))
        throw (new Error('Please file an issue'));

Run tests

npm install -D  # install dev dependencies
npm test        # run tests


See also

You might be interested to Knuth–Morris–Pratt algorithm


See LICENSE file