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Auto detect indention plugin for Notepad++
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Auto Detect Indention Plugin for Notepad++ AppVeyor build status

Detects indention (tab or spaces) and auto adjust Tab key on-the-fly

What It Does

Indention used in file Tab key
Tabs 1 tab
For example: 3 Spaces 3 spaces
Cannot determine Depends on Notepad++ settings


  1. If you are running Notepad++ 7.6 or later: You are encouraged to use Notepad++ Plugins Admin for installation.
    The plugin is named: Auto Detect Indention Plugin
  2. If you are running Notepad++ version prior to 7.6: Download and extract the archive from below and move nppAutoDetectIndent.dll into Notepad++ plugin folder.
    For Notepad++ x86: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins
    For Notepad++ x64: C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins


Releases page


Many projects have differnet coding style requirements, some use tabs other prefer spaces.
And there is this holy war of tabs or spaces.

I first discovered this function in Geany editor: detecting-indent-type
I thought it's cool because you don't have to worry about having the correct settings in your editor nor care about editorconfig, it just works!


Visual Studio 2017 Community


See LICENSE file

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