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@Chocobozzz Chocobozzz released this 29 Apr 07:42
· 150 commits to develop since this release


  • You must update nginx configuration:
    • Add location ~ ^/api/v1/users/[^/]+/imports/import-resumable$ { block
  • This release changes the way how PeerTube counts a video view:
    • Views are taken into account after 10 seconds instead of 30 seconds (can be changed in YAML config)
    • Views use a Session ID generated by the web browser instead of using the request IP (former behavior can be restored in YAML config)
    • The goal of this change is to get closer to how other video platforms like Mux, Vimeo, or Instagram work


  • Compact ActivityPub JSON-LD objects before using them to prevent incorrect access control @tesaguri
  • Protect ActivityPub information related to private/internal/blocked videos

Admin config (non-exhaustive)

  • Breaking changes:
    • Rename views.videos.ip_view_expiration to views.videos.view_expiration
  • YAML & web admin configs:
    • Add storyboards.enabled config to disable storyboard generation
    • Remove services.twitter.whitelisted: Twitter/X doesn't seem to need this anymore. This means that PeerTube will try to inject the video player in Twitter/X by default instead of using a classic image/description
  • YAML config only:
    • Add open_telemetry.metrics.playback_stats_interval config to customize how often viewers send playback stats to server
    • Add views.videos.watching_interval.{anonymous,users} configs to change how often the web browser sends "is watching" information to the server
    • Add stats.registration_requests.enabled and stats.abuses.enabled configs to hide instance registration/abuse requests public stats (average response time, total registration/abuse requests etc.)
    • Add stats.total_moderators.enabled and stats.total_admins.enabledconfigs to hide total admins/moderators public stats
    • Add object_storage.streaming_playlists.store_live_streams config to not store live stream chunks into object storage (when enabled for streaming playlists)
    • Set open_telemetry.metrics.http_request_duration.enabled to false by default to avoid performance issues on the Prometheus backend due to high metric cardinality


  • Also generate 600x600 and 1500x1500 avatar sizes
  • Also generate 600x100 banner size

Plugins/Themes/Embed API


  • 🎉 Implement user import/export 🎉 #6215
    • This is not a migration tool: data (like channels or videos) is duplicated and not moved from the previous PeerTube instance
    • Export:
      • A ZIP is generated by PeerTube and an email is sent to the user when the archive is ready
      • The archive file contains ActivityPub data for federation compatibility and custom JSON files used by PeerTube import. It also contains video/playlist thumbnail and channel/account avatar/banner files
      • User can include video files in the archive
      • Archive files can be stored in object storage
      • Export can be disabled by the admin. They can also set an expiration time to automatically delete archive files and limit the export file size depending on the user's video quota
    • Import:
      • Update account metadata (display name, description...)
      • Update user settings (video autoplay policy, notification settings...)
      • Create entries in the mute list
      • Add watched videos in user's videos history
        Add likes/dislikes
      • Send a follow request to imported subscriptions
      • Create channels, playlists and videos (if the video files are included in the archive)
      • Admins can disable user import
  • 🎉 Add ability to keep the original video file 🎉 #6157
    • Can be stored in object storage
    • Uploader can download the original file
    • The original file is used in the user export archive (instead of the max quality file)
  • Add Turkish language support in client
  • Add ability for admins to set a banner and an avatar to the instance. The banner is used in About instance/Login/Register an account pages. Both the banner and the avatar can be used on the instance homepage using <peertube-instance-banner>/<peertube-instance-avatar> tag or on external websites/applications like the JoinPeerTube website
  • Add ability for uploaders to download and add a video to a playlist on the My videos page using the dropdown button #6008
  • Video views statistics:
    • Count a view after 10 seconds and use a web browser session id to identify a viewer (see IMPORTANT CHANGES section)
    • Add information about the location of the viewer subdivision/region
    • More accurate retention stats where PeerTube doesn't take into account empty views anymore
  • UI/UX:
    • Automatically filter on Local videos in admin
    • Add ability to sort videos by file size
    • Add total video file size column in admin users list
    • Improve admin runner jobs list by using badges with same colors for type/runner and add processed/finished columns
    • Add Recommended tags to recommended PeerTube plugins/themes
    • Improve plugins/themes default trending sort
    • Trim username on login
    • Warn if "Forgot password" email contains uppercase
    • Use more precise buttons label to save changes in My account settings
    • Add icon to owners/moderators only options
    • Always use short UUIDs instead of full UUIDs in client to prevent URL confusion
    • Add average admins/moderators response time in Request an account page
    • Add color to registration/abuse state icon
  • Player:
    • Add an enable/disable subtitle button to the control bar
    • Faster auto-resizing of the player when the video has a custom aspect ratio (only for videos uploaded on PeerTube >= 6.1)
    • Use video aspect ratio for responsive embeds (only for videos uploaded on PeerTube >= 6.1)
  • Performance:
    • Optimize watching (/api/v1/videos/:videoId/views) endpoint
    • Reduce ffprobe calls when not needed resulting in faster live stream transcoding startup and CPU/IO reduction during video upload/import
  • Federation
    • Introduce a new way to federate Views events in the federation. See the commit details for more information
    • Implements FEP-2677 to identify the Application Actor
    • Add Lemmy postingRestrictedToMods information to channels AP objects
  • Improve generated video thumbnail quality
  • Add notification when a subscribed video channel is live streaming
  • Support itunes:owner in podcast feed

Bug fixes

  • Add stripes to square video thumbnails too (like we do for portrait videos)
  • Prevent channels from being displayed multiple times on the My channels page
  • Stricter video timestamp "linkification"
  • Correctly fix downloading video files from object storage with some video names
  • Fix broken RSS feed in some (rare) cases
  • Fix local jobs count/pagination with Waiting jobs
  • Banned users cannot live stream anymore
  • Correctly escape HTML entities in meta tags #6206
  • Fix broken account channels page with high video_channels.max_per_user config
  • Add ability for moderators to approve/reject user registrations
  • Do not display empty notification settings group
  • Correctly fix WebTorrent video import crash
  • Fix video channel synchronization crash on remote channels/playlists that contain hidden videos (unavailable, deleted etc.)
  • Ensure the filename doesn't contain / character when downloading a video
  • Fix Google Search SEO (with Video is not the main content of the page error)
  • Remove password autocomplete in embed which causes issues when the parent page has a password input and the user uses the web browser's password autofill feature
  • Don't submit the login form on forgot my password keyboard click
  • Fix storyboard generation with some videos
  • Fix ffmpeg encoder after custom plugin transcoding profile deletion
  • Fix navigating from one channel related page (playlist, videos...) to another one
  • More robust live stream transcoded by a remote runner
  • Fix first video in playlist that doesn't start at "starts at"
  • Fix embed HTML code for videos/playlists that have passwords
  • Display external account/channel playlists if user is allowed to escape the federation
  • Fix view endpoint crash on geoip update failure
  • Fix setting video subtitle from URL query
  • Fix selecting "Display all languages/categories/licences" in videos search resulting in an empty search
  • Fix followers/following counter of local ActivityPub actors
  • Fix notification button link on mobile
  • Fix player subtitles on iOS