An IntelliJ plugin to ship logs to LogStash
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A JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA plugin to ship logs to a remote logstash service.

This plugin adds a custom log4j SocketAppender to the root Logger of IntelliJ as to ship all logs to logstash.


Users are able to configure the logstash:

  • hostname
  • port
  • reconnect delay

Additionally, users are able to:

  • include location information from the log4j LoggingEvent.
  • generate sample log messages for testing / debugging purposes.
    • Note: this may fill up your log, as the test log messages happen once every 2 seconds.


For ease, this repo also includes a simple bash script to setup the ELK stack on an OSX machine. Use the bash script to install / start / stop / restart / upgrade / uninstall ELK.

It assumes you already have brew installed on your OSX machine. See for installation details on brew. man page

Usage: ./ <subcommand> [options]

    install   Install Elasticsearch, LogStash & Kibana, and setup basic configuration
    upgrade   Upgrade Elasticsearch, LogStash & Kibana
    uninstall Uninstall Elasticsearch, LogStash & Kibana
    start     Start the ELK Stack
    stop      Stop the ELK Stack
    restart   Restart the ELK Stack

Note: This script is for OSX only and assumes you already have 'brew' installed.