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scythe: account enumerator

Account Enumerator is designed to make it simple to perform account
enumeration as part of security testing. The framework offers the ability
to easily create new modules (XML files) and speed up the process of testing.

This tool was created with 2 main use cases in mind:

- The ability to test a range of email addresses across a range of sites (e.g.
    social media, blogging platforms, etc...) to find where those targets have
    active accounts. This can be useful in a social engineering test where you
    have email accounts for a company and want to list where these users have
    used their work email for 3rd party web based services.

- The ability to quickly create a custom testcase module and use it to enumerate
    for a list of active accounts. Using either a list of know usernames, email
    addresses, or a dictionary of common account names.

This program is released as is and is not designed to be used to test again sites
where you do not have permission. Any modules provided are for demonstration purposes
and may breach end user license agreements if used against a site. Your mileage may
vary... be responsible!

External module depenancies:
    colorama (Windows only, optional)

Example Usage:

List available modules

./ -l

Check account list against facebook

./ --single --accountfile=accountfile.txt

Check account list against facebook (using threads, w/ summary output)

./ --single --accountfile=accountfile.txt --threads 4 --summary

Check account list against all modules in the social and blogs categories (w/ summary output)

./ --category=social,blogs --accountfile=accountfile.txt --summary

Check specific accounts against facebook

./ --single --account=testuser,testuser2

Check account list against facebook (output to logfile)

./ --single --accountfile=accountfile.txt --output=logfile.txt

Check accounts in the command line against (3 retries, 60 second retry wait)

./ --single --account=testuser,testuser1,testuser2 --retries=3 --retrytime=60


scythe: account enumerator







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