A little wrapper script to allow the user of standard F@H Viewer to be used with GPU-based cores
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All credit to @ChristianVirtual and his original repository at https://github.com/ChristianVirtual/FAH_WrapperGPUTrajectory.

Caution: watch the memory consumption of bigger GPU trajectories. Working on the removal of a memory leak (see different branch with changes); but it is also recommended to run FAHViewer on a connected system to give the running FAH software the resources it needs.

With new version 2.0 the hostname will be determined from the socket interface via gethostname(); in case of trouble you still can define the hostnames in the source (but should not be needed)

Please modify the source file with the hostnames

1. where the wrapper is running 2. where the FAHClient is running

Those both hostnames for the time beeing need to be the same !

start the script with (tested with Python 2.7 and 3.4)

python FAH_WrapperGPUTrajectory.py - or - python3.4 FAH_WrapperGPUTrajectory.py

Then on a remote machine (or the same) start the viewer; please don't enter localhost:36331 as connection for the viewer; that might case trouble (Thanks Davidcoton for pointing that out)

FAHViewer --connect=<wrapper_hostname>:36331 --password=<password> --slot=1

As result something like this should appear (best view seems if you choose '3' in the viewer) FAH GPU trajectory

FAH GPU trajectory

Attention: right now not much more then a proof-of-concept ... still some work to be done ...

And some rough architecture overview