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Admin documentation


All this app needs to operate is a valid Sentry DSN and a public DSN. You can set it via the command line

php occ config:system:set sentry.dsn --value=
php occ config:system:set sentry.public-dsn --value=

or add the entry directly to config/config.php

  "sentry.dsn" => "",
  "sentry.public-dsn" => "",

If you omit the sentry.public-dsn config, client-side (browser) errors won't be reported.

Preventing Abuse

It is recommended to whitelist known hosts (your Nextcloud host) to prevent malicious reports.

Minimum log level

The setting sentry.minimum.log.level can be used to filter out exceptions with lower log level before they are sent to the Sentry instance. By default warning and upwards will be captured.

To change this you can specify the minimum log level of the Sentry instance by following command

php occ config:system:set sentry.minimum.log.level --value=0 --type=integer

or add the entry directly to config/config.php

  "sentry.minimum.log.level" => 0

The value needs to be a number between 0 and 4, where 0 is debug, 1 is info, 2 is warning, 3 is error and 4 is fatal.