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J!TrackGallery is a Joomla Track Gallery component.
Our Goal is to provide a non commercial, free, open source, GNU/GPL2 licensed component for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x. Allowing to seamlessly upload GPX tracks and display maps on Joomla based website.

Status of the Project

0.9.27 version of J!Track Gallery have been pushed in March 2017.
Last months commits were mostly related to adding new feature and bug fix.

History of J!TrackGallery

J!TrackGallery may be considered as a fork of InJooosm This valuable component is no longer maintained (last version is for Joomla 1.5). At the beginning of this project, I was not able to reach previous author so I decided to rename the component from InJooOSM to J!TrackGallery.

It may be note that InJooosm was a fork of joomgpstracks

  • Many Thanks to Michael Pfister (JoomGPSTracks) and Christian Knorr (InJooOSM) for providing this valuable component to the Open source community.

N.B. For those who always use InJooosm 0.5.7, see manual:


Track Gallery component for Joomla



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