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A user-friendly 3d graphing calculator for the web. Create, share, and animate 3d mathematical scenes.
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Package Anatomy

This repository has three package.json files:

  • math3d-react/server/package.json server dependencies and scripts
  • math3d-react/client/package.json client dependencies and scripts
  • math3d-react/package.json deployment & development scripts

To Install for Local Development:

  1. Install Mongodb: If it is not already installed, you'll need to install mongodb as our database. On a Mac, we recommend installing mongodb with Homebrew:

     > brew tap mongodb/brew
     > brew install mongodb-community

    (Works with mongodb v4.2.1; probably others, too.)

  2. Install Dependencies: Clone the git repo and cd to package root, then run:

     > npm install

    which installs both client and server dependencies.

  3. Set Database Connection: Create a .env file in the server/ directory to set MONGO_URI database connection environment variable. For local development, just copy the template: bash > cp server/dotenv_template server/.env

  4. Start the Database:: bash > npm run start-db

  5. Start Server & Client: In a new terminal window, start the server: bash > npm start:dev:server and, in a third terminal window, start the client app: bash > npm start:dev:client

The math3d-react app is now being served on http://localhost:3000/.

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