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This repository contains code for training and using the Abstract Meaning Representation model described in: AMR Parsing as Graph Prediction with Latent Alignment

If you use our code, please cite our paper as follows:

    title={AMR Parsing as Graph Prediction with Latent Alignment},
    author={Chunchuan Lyu and Ivan Titov},
    booktitle={Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics},



  • Set up Stanford Corenlp server, which feature extraction relies on.
  • Change file paths in utility/ accordingly.


Combine all *.txt files into a single one, and use stanford corenlp to extract ner, pos and lemma. Processed file saved in the same folder. python src/ or Process from AMR-to-English aligner using java script in AMR_FEATURE (I used eclipse to run it)

Build the copying dictionary and recategorization system (can skip as they are in data/). python src/ Build data into tensor. python src/


Default model is saved in [save_to]/ . (save_to is defined in python src/


Load model to parse from pre-build data. python src/ -train_from []


Please use amr-evaluation-tool-enhanced. This is based on Marco Damonte's amr-evaluation-tool But with correction concerning unlabeled edge score.


Parse a file where each line consists of a single sentence, output saved at [file]_parsed python src/ -train_from [] -input [file] or Parse a sentence where each line consists of a single sentence, output saved at [file]_parsed python src/ -train_from [] -text [type sentence here]

Pretrained models

Keeping the files under data/ folder unchanged, download model Should allow one to run parsing.


This "python src/" starts with sentence original AMR files, while the paper version is trained on tokenized version provided by AMR-to-English aligner So the results could be slightly different. Also, to build a parser for out of domain data, please start preprocessing with "python src/" to make everything consistent.


Contact ( if you have any questions!