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Factorio mod adding advanced Radar to Tech
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Michael Cowgill
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Long Range Radar 0.17.7 by Michael Cowgill (ChurchOrganist)

This is simply a port of Malcolm Cooks' AdvancedRadar mod for Factorio 0.17. Malcolm's code is almost unchanged apart from some alterations to the sprite definitions, required for compatibility with Factorio's 0.16.x format, and a couple of alterations to the entity.lua file to enable the blue shading in the minimap. There are also some compatibility changes for 0.17 - see change log for details. This has been tested in Sandbox mode and appears to be working OK. If not please file a bug report at the Github repository.

Hope you enjoy it :)

It is licensed under the MIT license, available in this package in the file

Thank you to Malcolm Cooks for writing the original AdvancedRadar mod, and Acid Chicken for providing the Japanese locale.

For more information on this licence please visit:

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