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@CieNTi CieNTi released this Sep 7, 2018


  • Built with QT 5.11.1
  • QT libraries updated and new plot features implemented
  • Beginning of version 1.3


  • COM port refresh button to update the list
  • Channel visibility control added to turn off unwanted channel
  • Autoscale button for Y axis will autoscale to the highest value + 10%
  • Save to CSV support


  • qDarkStyle updated to 2.5.4
  • qCustomplot updated 2.0.1


  • Axis rename dialog gets focus when popup occurs

Original release

  • This release was made by @Eriobis who developed all this changes. Thanks!
  • This release notes and binaries was extracted from Eriobis one.
  • Original is found at this link.
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@CieNTi CieNTi released this Aug 28, 2016

  • Negative numbers support (cap we FIX at [mbed forums (
  • Support for high baud rates (tested up to 912600 bps)
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@CieNTi CieNTi released this Aug 28, 2016

Code base refactored: Icon toolbar, no axes limit, room for new protocols

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@CieNTi CieNTi released this Aug 15, 2016

Original work release.

See README for details

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