forwards data from ttn nodes to luftdaten and madavi
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forwards data from ttn nodes to luftdaten and madavi.

On docker hub


  1. Knowledge how to work with docker and have it installed.
  2. Have a Lora Wan node sending PM10 and PM2.5 to the TheThingsNetwork.
  3. You need to have a TTN application configured and your sensor Node (Device) connected to it. You'll need the "Application ID" which you can find in the yellow/orange box in the page and you'll need the access key which you find at the bottom of the page. (The default key will do)
  4. You need to decide a prefix. Preferably starting with TTN and ending with a place code. For example: TTNBXL = TheThingsNetworkBrussels
  5. Your TTN application should output a json object like this {"pm10":19,"pm25":18,"temperature":16,"humidity":74} temperature and humidity are not required. You can achief this by writing a decoder function at this page: that returns an object with the given properties.


Fill in the xxx parts

docker run --env appID=xxx --env accessKey=xxx  --env prefix=xxx cinezaster/ttn2luftdaten_forwarder:latest

I run it via docker cloud on a digital ocean node