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eNom PRO for WHMCS

Open source for the community - looking for project maintainers. Please contact @bobbravo2.

eNom PRO was a lot of work over many years - if you find it valuable, please open a PR to fix issues, or consider donating: Donate to help keep eNom PRO development going

Dev Setup

  1. Install WHMCS
    • Make sure to note the MySQL credentials for configuring PHPUnit.xml below
  2. Install Composer Globally

curl -sS | php

mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer

  1. Run composer install from the project root
  2. Run phing to build the working copy vendor/bin/phing
    • add a file watcher to automatically build after changes to the src/ directory tree
  3. Symlink build/encoded_prep/modules/addons/enom_pro to the whmcs/modules/addons/enom_pro directory tree
  4. Activate the addon in WHMCS (if you don't see it, the symlink is wrong) Addon Config

WHMCS Dev Setup

  1. Create a local API user
    • Username: api
    • Password: 12345
    • White-list your localhost IP address (, ::1, etc.)
      • WHMCS Dev -> Admin
      • Setup -> General Settings
      • Security Tab -> API IP Access Restriction -> Add IP
      • Press save ;-)
  2. Configure phpunit
    • Copy phpunit.dist.xml -> phpunit.xml
    • Specific constants that should be customized:
      • WHMCS_API_URL - Local WHMCS install API URL endpoint (which is located inside /whmcs/includes/api.php)
        • Use the same settings as your dev install of WHMCS, reference the /whmcs/configuration.php if necessary
        • This way you can preview states between the interface and failing tests
      • ENOM_PRO_TEMP - Absolute path to a tmp directory for writing cache files
      • WHMCS_API_UN / WHMCS_API_PW - Should be the same API credentials from above

Running tests

  • Run the tests from the project root: vendor/bin/phpunit -c phpunit.dist.xml
  • To exclude groups, use vendor/bin/phpunit -c phpunit.dist.xml --exclude-group slow
  • To view groups use: vendor/bin/phpunit --list-groups
    • nogroup
    • domains
    • namespinner
    • pricing
    • remote
    • settings
    • slow
    • srv
    • ssl
    • stats
    • tests
    • tlds
    • transfers
    • views
    • whmcs
    • whois
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