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Searches an environment for a SHA256 and collects observed network connections
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SHA256 to Network Connections:

This script searches an AMP for Endpoints environment for computers that have seen a SHA256, it then fetches their trajectory and parses out the observed network connections associated with that SHA256. You must provide a SHA256 as a command line argument.

NOTE: For use in large environments with over 3000 endpoints it is possible to hit the hourly API rate limit and not get a complete list.

Before using you must update the following:

The authentication parameters are set in the api.cfg

  • client_id
  • api_key


python 438b6ccd84f4dd32d9684ed7d58fd7d1e5a75fe3f3d12ab6c788e6bb0ffad5e7

Example script output:

Computers found: 2
Querying: Demo_AMP_Intel - 14dcfce3-9663-434d-9beb-c8836de035ce
Querying: Demo_Command_Line_Arguments_Kovter - 9fc87138-e65a-48cf-85c2-f5b8834e2109
  UDP ->
  TCP ->
  TCP ->
  TCP ->
  TCP <-
  UDP ->
  TCP ->
  UDP ->
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