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City Scrapers Events

Static site that displays a calendar of the most recently scraped events from City Scrapers projects based off of the city-scrapers-template repo. The site is served on GitHub Pages and was created with create-react-app.

See the current site for the city-scrapers repo here: City Scrapers Events.


You'll need a City Scrapers project that is writing output to a newline-delimited JSON file at a public URL (AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage are two supported output locations). You'll also need Node installed.

Create a copy of this repo, customize, and deploy it with these steps:

  1. Generate a repo based on this one by clicking the "Use this template" button. This creates a new repo from this template instead of a fork because you'll likely want to manage your repo independently. Here's more info on template repos from GitHub.

  2. Clone the new repo you generated (replacing the URL with your account/organization and the new repo name if you changed it):

    git clone{ACCOUNT}/city-scrapers-events.git
  3. Install the dependencies you'll need to run the site:

    npm install
  4. Replace the logo in ./src/logo.png and update the values for EVENT_SOURCE and REGION_OPTIONS in ./src/config.js to match your output location and areas.

    • EVENT_SOURCE should be the public URL of your newline-delimited JSON file of results created by running scrapy combinefeeds in a City Scrapers project. Usually you'll want to use the file ending in upcoming.json and not latest.json to avoid loading a large amount of past meetings that users likely won't get to.
    • The value for each region option should be the location prefix used in scraper names (i.e. chi is used for Chicago scrapers like chi_library).
  5. Run this command to view your site locally at http://localhost:3000 and make sure it's displaying events:

    npm start
  6. After you're satisfied with your changes, be sure to commit them locally and then update the GitHub repo by running:

    git push origin main
  7. Once you're ready to deploy the site, run:

    npm run deploy

    This will build your site, create a gh-pages branch if it doesn't already exist, and push it to your repo so that it can be deployed on GitHub Pages. After this command is finished you should be able to see your site live at https://{ACCOUNT}{REPONAME}. You'll need to run this command any time you want changes to be displayed on the site.

City Scrapers

If you're interested in setting something like this up for your area but aren't sure where to start you can learn more about City Scrapers at


This application is open source code under the MIT license.


Static site with a calendar of scraped events from City Scrapers projects



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