City of Helsinki ground rent system
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City of Helsinki ground rent system


Install required system packages

PostgreSQL and PostGIS

Install PostgreSQL and PostGIS.

# Ubuntu 16.04
sudo apt-get install python3-dev libpq-dev postgresql postgis

GeoDjango extra packages

# Ubuntu 16.04
sudo apt-get install binutils libproj-dev gdal-bin

Creating a Python virtualenv

Create a Python 3.x virtualenv either using the venv tool or using the great virtualenvwrapper toolset. Assuming the latter, once installed, simply do:

mkvirtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3 mvj

The virtualenv will automatically activate. To activate it in the future, just do:

workon mvj

Creating Python requirements files

  • Run pip-compile
  • Run pip-compile

Updating Python requirements files

  • Run pip-compile --upgrade
  • Run pip-compile --upgrade

Installing Python requirements

  • Run pip install -r requirements.txt
  • For development also run pip install -r requirements-dev.txt


To setup a database compatible with the default database settings:

Create user and database

sudo -u postgres createuser -P -R -S mvj  # use password `mvj`
sudo -u postgres createdb -O mvj mvj

Enable PostGIS

sudo -u postgres psql -d "mvj" -c "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS postgis;"

Allow the mvj user to create databases when running tests

sudo -u postgres psql -c "ALTER USER mvj CREATEDB;"

Tests also require that PostGIS extension is installed on the test database. This can be achieved the easiest by adding PostGIS extension to the default template which is then used when the test databases are created:

sudo -u postgres psql -d template1 -c "CREATE EXTENSION IF NOT EXISTS postgis;"

Django configuration

Environment variables are used to customize configuration in mvj/ If you wish to override any settings, you can place them in a local .env file which will automatically be sourced when Django imports the settings file.

Alternatively you can create a which is executed at the end of the mvj/ in the same context so that the variables defined in the settings are available.


The "idc_attachments"-folder under the media root must be excluded when serving media files. The files are protected by permission checks on a different URL.

Running development environment

  • Enable debug echo 'DEBUG=True' >> .env
  • Run python migrate
  • Run python loaddata */fixtures/*.json
  • Run python runserver

Running tests

  • Run pytest