Lambda@Edge function for handling redirects and rewrites
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Lambda@Edge function for handling redirects and rewrites


Store your redirect and rewrite rules in rules.txt.

/otis                     301
/parksandrec/(.*)         301 /departments/philadelphia-parks-recreation/
/revenue/(.*)             301 /departments/department-of-revenue/$1
/contracts/data$          301 /contracts/data/
/contracts/data/(.*)      200$1

Use status code 301 for a permanent redirect, and 200 for a rewrite.

Patterns are converted to regexes with the following enhancements:

  • Case-insensitive
  • ^ is prepended (unless it already starts with ^)
  • /?$ is appended (unless it already ends with $)


Redirect /otis or /otis/ to their external site:

/otis  301

Redirect /eeocomplaint and /eeocomplaints and /eeo-complaints to its service page:

/eeo-?complaints?  301  /services/working-jobs/file-a-sexual-harassment-complaint/

Redirect anything under /parksandrec to the new homepage:

/parksandrec/?.*  301  /departments/parks-and-recreation/

Redirect anything under /oem to its expanded route:

/oem/?(.*)  301  /departments/office-of-emergency-management/$1

Rewrite /contracts/data to mask a site on github pages (note the redirect for a missing trailing slash, which is otherwise handled by S3's static file hosting feature):

/contracts/data$      301  /contracts/data/
/contracts/data/(.*)  200$1


  • You can use sites like regex101 to test your regular expressions.
  • You can use tsv-pretty to format the file to be more readable.


Deployment will happen automatically via Travis CI based on the configuration in .travis.yml (assuming tests pass):

  • Pushes to the staging branch will deploy to the staging environment.
  • Pushes to the master branch will deploy to the production environment.

You can skip deployment on a push by specifying [no ci] in the commit message.

local development

install node.js dependencies

npm install

run tests

npm test

manual deployment