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## 7/3 Scrum call Agenda
To fill in this:
[Attachment E](
* Team to decide level of effort investment to make in prepraring for promotional work: Rob to do coding tweaks, Owen or new developer brought back, etc. Probably 5 hours of effort to do high-priotiy bugs that Ron and Luke identified.
* Luke to finalize decisions on Survery.
* Greg Elin to assert and document duplication of installation instructions
* Aaron to review Attachment E
* Greg to figure out a quick approach to continuous monitoring and document
* Steve to add personnel matrix or something else linkable as evidence (still needed)
* Greg/Owen to add documentation to diagram ( of our AWS operating system - still needed
* Rob to complete main (currently a google doc: and transmit to Melinda and WinValue by noon
To fill in this:
[Attachment E](
## 7/2 Scrum call Agenda
To fill in this:

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