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Easy-to-use infrastructure development tool based on Ansible


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CatapultProvidentia • EXPO


Catapult is a tool built using Ansible to develop, deploy and (re)configure different types of infrastructures, such as Cyber Exercises, Trainings, Labs or even Production environments. It is designed to be used by people with some experience with Ansible, but it's a force multiplier for experienced Ansible users. Catapult does the heavy lifting in dependency installation and management, virtual machine creation or remote/cloud service configuration so the developer can focus on the actual content of the machine or service. Catapult supports VM creation and configuration on vSphere, AWS, Linode and even VMware Workstation running on the developers own machine (VMware Workstation only tested on Linux). It is also possible to use Catapult to configure an already existing virtual or physical machines.

Refer to Catapult Docs for full documentation.

TLDR (Quickstart)


git clone && \
cd catapult && \


make start

Clone a test project

cd /srv/inventories
git clone

Test that the project is working

cd /srv/inventories/catapult-project-example
ctp host list all

Start developing your own project

Create or clone your own project in /srv/inventories and start developing.