Security (Permissions) wrapper around Jena RDF implementation
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JenaSecurity is now part of the Apache Jena project.

Please make any contributions at the Apache Jena website:

package name: jena-security (Jena version < 3) package name: jena-permissions (Jena version >= 3)

See Apache Jena website for documentation, source and binary packages.

Security (Permissions) wrapper around Jena RDF implementation.

By implementing a SecurityEvaluator users may apply access restricitons to graphs and optionally to triples within the graphs.

Two implementations are available based on Jena 2.7.4 and another on the upcoming 2.10.0

Documentation is most complete for the 2.10.0 version, however most of that documentation will also apply to 2.7.4.

Maven Info:

Group Id: org.apache.jena
Artifact Id: jena-security