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Scripts to help with setting up an Azure DevOps build agent.
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This project contains an ARM template to build an Azure DevOps pipeline self hosted agent VM.

Steps to Create a Pipeline Agent VM

  1. Create a PAT in Azure DevOps.
  2. Create an Azure VM using the ARM template azure-devops-pipeline-vm.
    • Option 1 - Create a build pipeline in Azure DevOps. Import the file '' into Azure DevOps.
    • Option 2 - Run the DeployBuildVM.ps1 on the command line and target an existing resource group.
  3. Remote into the Azure VM.
    • Log into the Azure portal and find the IP Address of the VM.
    • RDP into the VM using the username and password you supplied when creating the VM.
  4. Copy the InstallBuildTools.ps1 to the server
  5. Run the InstallBuildTools.ps1 file
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