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Spark Core for PushingBox http://www.pushingbox.com Clement Storck 2014

Thank you for downloading the Spark source code for PushingBox. Before you start don't forget to create an account on pushingbox.com, configure your services and create a scenario.

If you don't know what to do with your Spark why don't you connect it to your mailbox and be notify when you have new mail :) or, create your own twittering cat door or, connect it to your doorbell and received a push on your phone, even if you are not at home. There is so much things you can do thanks to PushingBox, I hope you enjoy the simplicity and the powerfulness of PushingBox :)

What you need

To program your Spark you need to go on https://www.spark.io/build/ (If you need help getting started, visite http://docs.spark.io) Generate a DevID by creating a scenario on pushingbox.com, configure the way you want to be notify.

Change log

v1.0 - 29.04.2014 First version