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The Cleveland Museum of Art Open Access 

The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) was founded in 1913 “for the benefit of all the people forever.”1 The museum strives to help the broadest possible audience understand and engage with the world’s great art. The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world and one of northeastern Ohio’s principal civic and cultural institutions. 

The Cleveland Museum of Art provides datasets of information on more than 61,000 artworks in its Collection for unrestricted commercial and noncommercial use. Additionally, the museum provides image assets for as many as 30,000 works, which are made availble under the same terms. Links to the web, print, and full-sized, uncompressed versions of these images are included in the dataset where applicable.

To the extent possible under law, The Cleveland Museum of Art has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this dataset using Creative Commons Zero. This work is published from: The United States Of America. You can also find the text of the CC Zero deed in the file LICENSE in this repository. These select datasets are now available for use in any media without permission or fee; they also include identifying data for artworks under copyright. The datasets support the search, use, and interaction with the Museum’s collection. 

The Cleveland Museum of Art's Open Access datasets are in this repository in JSON and CSV format, as well as through our API, which can be found here:

Questions about the dataset, the API, or anything else related to CMA's Open Access initiative can be directed here:

About the data

A full description of the fields available in the dataset can be found in the API documenation:

git LFS (large file storage)

Due to the large size of the JSON and CSV datasets requires the user to install the git LFS extension to pull the full files and not just the text pointers.

The extension, along with full documentation, can be found here.

After installing the extension, clone this repository and then execute

git lfs pull

Additional usage guidelines 

Images are included in the dataset via permalinks associated with each object record.

For more details on how to use images of artworks in The Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection, please visit the Open Access page. 

Documentation in progress 

This data is provided “as is” and you use this data at your own risk. The Cleveland Museum of Art makes no representations or warranties of any kind. Documentation of the Museum’s collection is an ongoing process and parts of the datasets are incomplete. 

We plan to update the datasets with new and revised information on a regular basis. You are advised to regularly update your copy of the datasets to ensure you are using the best available information. 

Pull requests 

Because these datasets are generated from our internal database, we do not accept pull requests. If you have identified errors or have extra information to share, please email us at and we will forward to the appropriate department for review. 


You may wish to attribute or cite The Cleveland Museum of Art CC0 select datasets, especially with respect to research or publication. Attribution is not required, but does support efforts to release other datasets in the future. It also helps to retain source links and reduce “orphaned data.”  

Do not misrepresent the dataset

Do not mislead others or misrepresent the datasets or their source. You must not use The Cleveland Museum of Art’s trademarks or otherwise claim or imply that the Museum or any other third party endorses you or your use of the dataset. 

Whenever you transform, translate or otherwise modify the dataset, you must make it clear that the resulting information has been modified. If you enrich or otherwise modify the dataset, consider publishing the derived dataset without reuse restrictions. 

The writers of these guidelines thank The Walters Art Museum, The Museum of Modern Art, Tate, Cooper-Hewitt, Europeana, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


1 J. H. Wade II, act of conveyance of land to be used for the CMA. 


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