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Easily Add Control Buttons with Font Awesome Icons and Callbacks
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The easiest way to add buttons with Leaflet — so simple it fits in a gif:

running demo

More running examples and docs

Boilerplate/Copy-Paste Examples

These use YOUR_LEAFLET_MAP as a placeholder; remember to change it to the variable name of your map.

Hello World

open a popup

var helloPopup = L.popup().setContent('Hello World!');

L.easyButton('fa-globe', function(btn, map){
}).addTo( YOUR_LEAFLET_MAP ); // probably just `map`
Map State

set the map's center and use an img for the icon

var antarctica = [-77,70];

L.easyButton('<img src="/path/to/img/of/penguin.png">', function(btn, map){
Button States

change the button's function and appearance

var stateChangingButton = L.easyButton({
    states: [{
            stateName: 'zoom-to-forest',   // name the state
            icon:      'fa-tree',          // and define its properties
            title:     'zoom to a forest', // like its title
            onClick: function(btn, map) {  // and its callback
                btn.state('zoom-to-school'); // change state on click!
        }, {
            stateName: 'zoom-to-school',
            icon:      'fa-university',
            title:     'zoom to a school',
            onClick: function(btn, map) {

stateChangingButton.addTo( YOUR_LEAFLET_MAP );

Download and Install


bower install --save Leaflet.EasyButton


npm install --save leaflet-easybutton

Copy & Pasting

here are the links the js and css

Curl download

cd your/project/javascript-files/
curl -O
# saved at your/project/javascript-files/easy-button.js

cd your/project/css-files/
curl -O
# saved at your/project/css-files/easy-button.css

Icon Dependencies

If you haven't already, make sure to install/include the icon library of your choice (your lib should have its own instructions) — EasyButton should work with anything!

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