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@chainsulting chainsulting released this Nov 20, 2019 · 3 commits to master since this release

v3.0.1 rEVOLUTION stormfix / ENIGMA Engine v1.2

ENIGMA updated to support more onion skins, less network topology issues. Added some logging.
Complete redesign of the wallet interface. Split of GUI and Daemon for the first time. All major ENIGMA commands are now included as RPC calls in the Daemon.

SHA256 Checksums (binaries):
Windows: 5b060f69479fbc69042bf46e67799019152cff888cd70b7f6da068c02a292e52
Linux: dd871192532cdb83434c5f214c82fe514e2d990df0416a3f406c0b2eed0e5c04
Mac: 173eb918c488e681b242fc9c0616e88fafa6219ad8b28e3d590f6feec1226618

SHA256 Checksums (archive::zip) 601fb0902ce1b9ae72c81476f3400de7e740a2a327c1083f6f35f4e9bf996239

Known Bugs:

  • Windows has problems with ENIGMA send
  • ENIGMA send is not visible in the transaction log (more stealth, maybe a feature)
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