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Welcome to clockUtils!

clockUtils is a collection of lightweight libraries to solve common tasks. We designed it to be used when you don't want to write the code by yourself and don't need some odd features.



  • Easy to use and lightweight libraries for often used problems. Optimized for simple usage and performance.

Argument Parser

  • Define variables and parse the parameters in a commandline or string buffer like most unix-like programs.


  • minimize strings with different compression algorithms


  • This library is a collection of container classes (currently only one). They serve for special purposes that are not or not easily handled by the STL. E.g. Threadsafe containers or complex structures. If possible, the containers offer at least the same API like the corresponding STL container. This allows a simple exchange without introducing new problems. Semantic changes and additional functionality is explained in the appropriate documentation.

Ini File Parser

  • read and write ini files
  • custom types are possible due to C++ templates


  • simple and fast C++ wrapper for C sockets
  • a small test with our own software was more than twice as fast with our TcpSocket instead of boost.asio's tcp socket


clockUtils has been tested on:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Android


clockUtils has nearly no requirements. We use CMake (2.8+) for the build system and a C++11 capable compiler such as g++ 4.7 or Visual Studio 13 (or higher).


The doxygen documentation can be found on our homepage:

Building from source

To build clockUtils from source you need cmake and a C++11 compiler. For a complete library setup just use

$ cmake .

$ make

You can enable/disable all libraries using -DWITH_LIBRARY_<LIBRARYNAME>=ON/OFF. Tests can be enabled using -DWITH_TESTING=ON. This requires gtest on your system (or you build it with the appropriate dependency build script in the dependencies directory).

Contributing Code

We welcome patches. We will set up a Contributor Agreement soon to take care of the legal aspect of contributions.


A lightweight c++ library for commonly needed tasks. Optimized for simplicity and speed.



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