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Labs that are delivered as part of the CloudTestDrive initiative
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ORACLE Cloud Test Drive


This Oracle Cloud project contains the lab materials for the Oracle Cloud Test Drive events organized in various locations. Participants can experiment through these labs with a series of Oracle Cloud Services from the IaaS and PaaS family.

During this day you will be able to experience the various cloud services from Oracle hands-on. Below you find the link to all labs already available :

Application Development

  • AppDev Infrastructure lab - Set up the infrastructure to run your applications : create a Database and Application Servers, either using DBaaS or JCS, or use Docker Container to spin up any conainer from the Docker repository

  • AppDev Development lab - In this lab, you’ll learn how to build a Docker image for a Node.js REST service on Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS), and push it to a Docker registrie such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry. Then you will deploy your application on an OKE Managed Kubernetes cluster.

  • New Microservices using Autonomous ATP and Managed Containers

Container Native labs

Using Oracle Managed Kubernetes Engine and Serverless Functions


Enterprise JavaScript User Interface Development

Low Code Development

Process Cloud Service

In this lab, you will create a business process using PCS. This Order Approvals process will be initiated when a user enters an order. Follow this link for the details


  • Integration Cloud Service - This lab will show you how to set up integration between 2 systems simply using the drag & drop features of Integration Cloud Service. In this exercise we will set up an integration between a RightNow instance and a generic REST service of a mobile Application.

  • APIARY - The objective of this lab is to give you an overview of the Oracle APIARY Cloud Platform as an API Developer.

  • API Platform Cloud Service - The objective of this lab is to give you a comprehensive overview of the Oracle API Platform Cloud Service as an API Manager.


The workshop is intended to work with the Oracle Cloud account information handed out to you during the event. You will need the following information to start working on these exercises :

  • Oracle Cloud account username and password
  • Oracle Cloud identity domain
  • Data center/region

Alternatively you can request an Oracle PaaS trial account. To get an account look into here.

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