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Spitball 2.0 Open Network

Welcome to the Spitball economy source code repository!

In order to create a successful student economy, Spitball 2.0 will feature usage of a dedicated ERC20 token. The team behind Spitball will facilitate the collaboration between the participants of the economy (students and service providers) by offering fundamental services and enabling third-party developers to expand upon them. Having dynamic, top-of-the-line services will drive community engagement and propel the economy’s growth. The platform’s eponymous token, Spitball (SBL), will not only assist in facilitating the exchange of all content, goods, and services, but will also serve as a tool to stimulate the network’s growth.

Whats is SBL?

Spitball 2.0’s native token, Spitball (SBL), will enable usage of all platform functions as well as active participation in the student economy. Students will have the ability to purchase goods/services, utilize premium features, and make payments directly using Spitball tokens.

Token rewards

Participants can also collect tokens in a reward system built to incentivize useful actions on the platform. Tokens are awarded, for example, to students who correctly answer participant-posed questions on the platform, or who invest in goods/materials that are successfully sold by fellow users.

To illustrate, students often reach a point in which they encounter specific homework problems requiring specialized advice. In situations where an hour-long tutoring session would be excessive, it’s expected that students would prefer to receive one-time answers to singular queries.

In this case, students have the option to post their questions in the platform community chat room, where other users can provide answers. In order to offer replies, answer-providing students must pay a small stake, ensuring that answers will be serious and knowledgeable attempts to address the question. If answers are verified by the original requesting student to be valid and correct, the answering student will be charged with tokens by question-asking student.

This will incentivize users to contribute their knowledge and academic experience to the community in order to reap rewards and benefit from platform activity.

Similarly, students will have the ability to promote offerings which they believe to be of good quality (such as a skilled tutor or a well-priced textbook) by giving “like” upvotes on the listings.


  1. Spitball Website

Getting Started SBL tokensale

Public crowdsale will start soon. Stay tuend!

Symbol: SBL

Decimals: 18