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PHP support for Sublime's LSP plugin using Serenata
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PHP support for Sublime's LSP plugin using Serenata.

Getting started

  • Install LSP and LSP-serenata from Package Control.
  • Restart Sublime.


Configure the Serenata language server by accessing Preferences > Package Settings > LSP > Servers > LSP-serenata.

Several options can be set for example when php is not in your PATH, these settings are supported:

phpPath Name of the PHP binary in your PATH or an absolute path to the PHP binary. You can use ${home} to reference your user's home directory. The default is php.

memoryLimit This option is passed to directly to PHP as memory_limit, please see the PHP documentation. The default is 1024M for 1GB of allowed memory.

Reporting issues

This package provides only a client implementation, for any server related bugs please report them here.

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