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Driver for emulation SMC device with hardware sensors support
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Driver for emulation SMC device with hardware sensors support


This is a Mac OS X Package

Working 10.6 to 10.14

HWSensors branch based on FakeSMC-3.x

The package includes:

  • FakeSMC.kext version 3.x
  • ACPIMonitor.kext for custom making ACPI methods to access to hardware
  • VoodooBatterySMC for laptop battery monitoring
  • CPU sensors:
    • IntelCPUMonitor
    • AmdCpuMonitor
  • GPUSensors
    • RadeonMonitor for ATI/AMD Radeon card (temperature only)
    • GeforceSensors for Nvidia card Fermi, Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal
    • NVClockX for Nvidia Geforce 7xxx, 8xxx, Tesla
    • X3100 for IntelX3100 (at GM950 chipset)
  • LPC chip sensors, motherboard parameters like FAM, Voltages, temperatures
    • ITEIT87x for chips ITE 87xx, 86xx, usually present on Gigabyte motherboards
    • W836x for chips Winbond/Nuvoton 83xxx, NCT67xx, usually present on ASUS motherboards
    • F718x for chips Fintek
    • PC8739x for chip SMC
  • SMI Monitor
    • monitor and control temperature and fans in Dell computers by using SMM technology
  • Applications
    • HWMonitorSMC for old computers
    • HWMonitorSMC2 for SandyBridge and up

HWSensors Project (c) 2010 netkas, slice, usr-sse2, kozlek, navi, vector sigma and other contributors. All rights reserved.

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