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@kgaillot kgaillot released this Jul 6, 2017 · 1244 commits to 1.1 since this release

  • Update source tarball to revision: 301bc44

  • Changesets: 539

  • Diff: 177 files changed, 11525 insertions(+), 5036 deletions(-)

  • Features added since Pacemaker-1.1.16

    • New "bundle" resource type for Docker container use cases (experimental)
    • New "PCMK_node_start_state" environment variable to start node in standby
    • New "value-source" rule expression attribute in location constraints to
      compare a node attribute against a resource parameter
    • New "stonith-max-attempts" cluster option to specify how many times
      fencing can fail for a target before the cluster will no longer
      immediately re-attempt it (previously hard-coded at 10)
    • New "cluster-ipc-limit" cluster option to avoid IPC client eviction in
      large clusters
    • Failures are now tracked per operation type, as well as per node and
      resource (the "fail-count" and "last-failure" node attribute names now end
    • attrd: Pacemaker Remote node attributes and regular expressions are now
      supported on legacy cluster stacks (heartbeat, CMAN, and corosync plugin)
    • tools: New "crm_resource --validate" option
    • tools: New "stonith_admin --list-targets" option
    • tools: New "crm_attribute --pattern" option to match a regular expression
    • tools: "crm_resource --cleanup" and "crm_failcount" can now take
      --operation and --interval options to operate on a single operation type
  • Changes since Pacemaker-1.1.16

    • Fix multiple memory issues (leaks, use-after-free) in libraries
    • pengine: unmanaging a guest node resource puts guest in maintenance mode
    • cib: broadcasts of cib changes should always pass ACL checks
    • crmd,libcrmcommon: update throttling when CPUs are hot-plugged
    • crmd: abort transition whenever we lose quorum
    • crmd: avoid attribute write-out on join when atomic attrd is used
    • crmd: check for too many stonith failures only when aborting for that reason
    • crmd: correctly clear failure counts only for a specified node
    • crmd: don't fence old DC if it's shutting down as soon-to-be DC joins
    • crmd: forget stonith failures when forgetting node
    • crmd: all nodes should track stonith failure counts in case they become DC
    • crmd: update cache status for guest node whose host is fenced
    • dbus: prevent lrmd from hanging on dbus calls
    • fencing: detect newly added constraints for stonith devices
    • pengine: order remote actions after connection recovery
      (regression introduced in 1.1.15)
    • pengine: quicker recovery from failed demote
    • libcib: determine remote nodes correctly from node status entries
    • libcrmcommon: avoid evicting IPC client if messages spike briefly
    • libcrmcommon: better XML comment handling prevents infinite election loop
    • libcrmcommon: set month correctly in date/time string sent to alert agents
    • libfencing,fencing: intelligently remap "action" wrongly specified in config
    • libservices: ensure completed ops aren't on blocked ops list
    • libservices: properly detect and cancel in-flight systemd/upstart ops
    • libservices: properly watch writable DBus handles
    • libservices: systemd service that is reloading doesn't cause monitor failure
    • pacemaker_remoted: allow graceful shutdown while unmanaged
    • pengine,libpe_status: don't clear same fail-count twice
    • pengine: consider guest node unclean if its host is unclean
    • pengine: do not re-add a node's default score for each location constraint
    • pengine: avoid restarting services when recovering remote connection
    • pengine: better guest node recovery when host fails
    • pengine: guest node fencing doesn't require stonith enabled
    • pengine: allow probes of guest node connection resources
    • pengine: properly handle allow-migrate explicitly set for remote connection
    • pengine: fence failed remote nodes even if no resources can run on them
    • tools: resource agents will now get the correct node name on
      Pacemaker Remote nodes when using crm_node and crm_attribute
    • tools: avoid grep crashes in crm_report when looking for system logs
    • tools: crm_resource -C now clears last-failure as well as fail-count
    • tools: implement crm_failcount command-line options correctly
    • tools: properly ignore version with crm_diff --no-version
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