@ClusterM ClusterM released this May 8, 2017

Assets 5

Not so much new features but many bug-fixes and improvements:

  • FTP server is much more compatible and stable now (chown, MLSD, MLST, MFMT commands)
  • Sorting feature for Save Manager
  • Support for ultra shitty cheap Classic Controller clones (custom kernel re-installation required), but hardware modification is required (pull-up resistors)
  • New mods included as examples for modders (checkout my mods guide: https://github.com/ClusterM/hakchi2/wiki/Modifications-and-modules-guide)
  • Finally installer and auto update, lol
  • Screenshot tool
  • More translations to different languages
  • Other fixes

Yes, you can use web installer now: http://clusterrr.com/soft/hakchi2/setup.exe
This is static link, it always points to installer of latest version. Also it will install all required components if they are not installed. This version supports automatic update just in one click. So it's very recommended to use installer instead of classic portable version. Please note that all user files (kernel, config, games, etc.) will be stored in "My documents\hakchi2" folder by this version. So just copy your files there if you want to migrate to non-portable version.


  • hakchi2_web_installer.exe - installer for non-portable version (recommended for new users)
  • hakchi2.zip - classic portable version
  • hakchi2_debug.zip - dubug version with verbose logging, download it to create bugreport for me