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Red team & penetration testing tools to exploit the capabilities of Intel AMT
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"We are here to make coffee APT metal. We will make everything metal. Blacker than the blackest black times infinity."

DeathMetal is a suite of tools that interact with Intel AMT. Its kind of a foray into a world filled with intrigue and reversing puzzles with useful results.

Since this is super serious, tools are named after Metalocalypse characters.

Tools are prefixed with "dm_" to help with tab-completion and recognition.

  • dm_pickles - Duckyscript interpreter that communicates over AMT KVM (vnc) and injects keystrokes.
  • dm_toki - IDE-R implementation - lets you attach floopy and CD images remotely to the target computer.
  • dm_nathan - Is a cli that allows for configuring AMT via authenticated channel
  • dm_rockso - Presence and version scanner, can help you find AMT capable systems regardless of provisioning status. (works even if explicitly not-enabled)

Code that is common to more than one tool lives in a library called 'Charles', at the moment it can pretty much just help set up Redirection service stuff.

Getting Started

You may want to run in a virtual env and install any dependencies that come up - the code is in python3.


Python3 and pip



First, I would make a virtual python3 environment and activate it.
pip install git+

Built With

  • Python3 default libs
  • hexdump for debugging
  • requests for http.


Submit a pull request, or talk to me or something.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


This project is licensed under a modified MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


  • Jimmy Twotimes for pointing me at the scanning capabilities - this became rockso, thanks man!
  • Clutchisback for the beef hooks and help with the blog post - greatly appreciated.
  • Soen knows what he did.
  • Coalfire for the opportunity
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