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Builder of VirtualBox and VMWare VMs with minc-tools

This is a packer set of build scripts which takes the Ubuntu mini.iso file, installs a minimal Lubuntu-core desktop, followed by installing all of the MINC family of tools as well as R/RStudio for statistical analysis.

Usage Instructions

You can find the VMs for download at:

The download is a .zip files containing an importable OVF VM, configured for use with VirtualBox

For help with importing VMs see:

This VM is built against Virtualbox 5.2.12 (or newer), if you have problems with Display/brain-view2, you may need to upgrade your Virtualbox or disable 3D acceleration in your configuration.*

Getting files into and out of the VM is accomplished via the the shared folder feature. Shared folders are automatically mounted inside /media/minc

For help with shared folders in VirtualBox see

All software is globally installed and available via the LXTerminal in the Lubuntu menu.

To install additional software, the use the sudo apt tools, the user password is minc

There is no need to install virutalbox guest additions, they are already installed in the VM

Tools included